Polish chickens eye injured


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Apr 3, 2011
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My Polish pullet who is 20 weeks old was pecked this morning and it looks as though the eyeball has been ruptured. I have separated her into a crate, and have made her drink and she did eat some yogurt, but she seems in pain.
i would just leave her for now and see if it gets better
hope she does
There is a very swollen white blob of tissue inside the eyelids which we think is the ruptured lens, and just black on the other side. It has gotten more swollen this evening. We didn't have terramycin eye ointment, but we applied erythromycin ointment. She had water, yogurt, scrambled egg, and even ate some crumbles this evening, so she is feeling much better. I was worried that she might lose the other eye, since I have heard that can happen to people and animals when the eye is ruptured, and should be removed to prevent that from happening. Has anyone experienced the actual piercing of the eye of their chicken? I had a dog once that had hers pierced, but it healed over.
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poor thing, I don't have experience with this issue but hopefully someone will chime in, I have read other threads on here about people's chickens surviving quite well with just one eye though- so hopefully she will heal quickly and be back to normal soon.
Eye tissue is one of the fastest to reproduce, it's hard to say how it will do without seeing it, and even still, there really isn't too much you can do aside from keeping it clean and away from anything that will irritate it. I hope she does well.

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