Polish chickens tolerating cold weather


9 Years
Sep 6, 2010
To add interest to our flock we have white crested black, buff laced, and golden laced Polish--4 total Polish among 50 standard size chickens.
To prepare for Michigan winters, I'm preparing the coops for winter, but wonder about any problems Polish chickens might have--crests freezing etc-- in snowy, rainy weather.
Do Polish breeds need more special attention in winter than other standard breeds like wyandottes, RIR, New Hampshires, Leghorns, Australorps? What can we do to make sure the Polish chickens don't suffer in the Michigan winter weather?
Anyone else have experience with Polish chickens in cold climates??

As always, thanks so much for your feedback.
i have just bought some polish,8 of them,i live in Bulgaria where it goes down to -20 is the norm in winter
and these are two year old birds and wnet through our worst winter for 50 yrs last year( -35) so i wouldnt worry to much
People here cant afford to heat there coups so the birds just get on with it

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