Polish chickens witha sneeze?!?

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    On May 9 I bought 2 full grown white crested black polish.They had been housed together with a few other hens and a roo.As soon as I got them home I realized one had a cough, sneeze thing.

    I ALWAYS keep new birds seperate for about 2 weeks.So first I wait to see if it gets better or worse. Sick bird eats/drinks and poops normally on southern states start and grow.She IS drinking more but is not puffed up.SO after a week of NO change, I start her on terrimycin and vital supplement.Chicken guru at Southern states says do THAT for 8 days and I WILL see a change.Her companion kept in the same cage has NOT showed any signs.Has anyone else expereinced something like this.It has been 10 days with no change.

    Any help/advice?
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    No experience but here is a bump.

    I personally like to keep new birds in quarantine for at least 30 days. For sure, I would keep this girl and her companion in longer - would hate to add a carrier of something to your flock. (companion bird could be a carrier - one who shows no signs of illness but passes it on to others.)

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