Polish Chicks 1 Day Old. Some Frizzled! Rare Colors! WILL SHIP!

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    UPDATE: We have 5 pips so far!!! 8am Sunday!
    This is a 1 day auction and payment must be immediate by paypal at end of auction so I can ship out the chicks first thing Monday mourning before they are 24 hours old. Shipping is $20 and if it is any cheaper I will refund the difference. I have a batch of 8 Polish eggs due to hatch on 5/16... This auction is for whatever hatches out. I have 5 bantam Polish eggs and 3 bantam X standard eggs... I should get good hatch rates and have had 100% hatch rate so far using my brinsea... If less than 5 hatch out I will prorate the auction if winning bid is over $15... If you like I can even throw in, free, a few that hatched a few days ago to see how they do on the trip and to give extra warmth. Those would be from the same parents and one is khaki and the other maybe chocolate....
    My two Roos are frizzled bantams so 50/50 chance on frizzles on all chicks. The colors that they can come in are below:
    Bantam: WC Chocolate, WC Khaki, WC Black, and Cuckoo can come in any of these colors to.
    Bantam X Standard: All colors above and also white, WC Blues, WC silver aka light blue, and cuckoo in any of these colors.
    Pictured below are a couple of the colors I have gotten from past hatches... Don't have any chocolates to show because they sell so quick... These are just a few of the colors... The chicks pictured are past chicks from these birds and are pictured at 6-8 weeks old. Call if you have any questions: 816-293-5155 or 816-682-0265 Thanks Kristina
    Very Light Blue frizzled Chick
    Black with some white.
    blue frizzled
    Will ship priority as day old chicks and you should get them in about two days from shipping date. I will place boiled egg yoke and also growgel plus in the box along with a bed of straw to help keep them healthy and happy for the trip.
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