Polish Crested Rooster mix with Ameraucana and more.


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May 13, 2015
I have 7 (had 8 but one of our polish crested full bred died) chicks that hatched a month and a half ago. I figured once they were older I would be able to tell them apart, boy was I wrong.

One in particular has me stumped. We thought he was a Polish Crested rooster mixed with a Barred Plymouth Rock because of the color, but as the chick got a bit older she (I hope it's a she) shows signs of being an Ameraucana mix. AFIAK the breeds we have were not mixed with anything else.

Polish Crested

2 Barred Plymouth Rocks
2 Road Island Reds
2 Polish Crested
1 Silky
1 Ameraucana

Here is the one I don't know for sure if the mom is the Ameraucana or the Barred Plymouth Rock.

Here is the white Silky Hen mix;

Here are my two favorite. We believe these two to be Ameraucana mixed but neither of them show signs of being a Polish Crested mix as far as I can see. Can anyone see any Polish Crested mix in them? I really hope neither of these are males.

It confuses me because There are two other Ameraucana looking checks who are all black and have a polish crested "puff crest" on their heads. You can tell those two are mixed. Then we have a full breed polish crested chick that looks like the females we have. Just kind of confused how we have two that don't have any traits of the father, and two that do, and a grey one which makes no sense, because the Ameraucana has no grey in it, and the father is pictured above.

Can anyone tell me what I have? I think I have 5 Ameraucana, 1 silky and 1 polish crested.

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