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    Apr 4, 2011
    Hi I thought I had posted this thread but I can not seem to find it so I am going to show it again because I think I might have no hit publish or something. I have two polish that have been laying for about 2 or three months. Both polish are the orange and black mixed color. About a month before they started laying feathers in both of their heads turned white. I thought that maybe they weren't getting enough protein so i gave them some chick feed but the rest of their coat looks great. The feathers also don't seem to be white all the way down to the base. I am wondering if this is indicating that something is wrong or if it can just be the coloring of their feathers and it didn't show up until now. Both of them started the coloring at the same time so that is interesting... thanks in advance for any advice!
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    By orange and black, do you mean you have Gold laced polish? If so, from what I've read, and the three pullets I have, it seems to be a common occurrence for them to have white in their crests.

    Pictures would be helpful.
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    Your thread is still around - Look just to the bottom of the first page on this section. I even replied to it. [​IMG]

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