Polish Hatching Eggs


Feb 16, 2017
Pierson, Michigan
I have 6 white crested black polish hens, Large Fowl.
*Right now there is a White Crested Splash Rooster and a Frizzled White Crested Cuckoo Rooster with them.
*As soon as I have opportunity, I am switching roosters and putting a Bearded Blue (all blue, not white crested) Polish rooster with them, because a friend wants eggs from the cross.

Eggs available most of the time, PM me to find out what rooster(s) are with the hens.
$10 per dozen, plus $15 shipping. I can put around 3 dozen eggs in a box. After that, postage would be higher.

Local pick-up is also an option. Saves you the cost and me the headache of shipping.

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