Polish Hen bleeding

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    Dec 7, 2007
    Hello All, I have a polish hen bleeding from her toenail, maybe her toes too. There was A LOT of blood in the area around the coop. I checked for any sharp edges but came up with nothing. I sprayed blucote on it, it didn't stop bleeding so I put corn starch on it. It looks like the quick is damaged. I think that there is stuff for the dogs call quick stop but I don't remember where I got it before. Anyway while my husband was holding her he saw a bug crawl on him, we first thought that it was from the corn starch but it wasn't. I do not know what mites or lice look, the bug was lighter in color then a flour bug (the ones that get into your drygoods) I don't know what to do either way. Does anyone think that I could put liquid bandaid on it? And how do I treat for the bugs just in case that there are some. I have only had these chickens for about a week or so. I think that they were caged birds, all but 2 do not roost, they don't go out unless I chase them out with a treat. Also, their nails are EXTREMELY long, a few are curving, I am going to find where to find that quickstop and try to clip them, so far the toenails are white so I can see the quick Any suggestions on dusting or medication for the bugs and if they don't have anything would it hurt to treat? Or effect my other hens in another coop. Please help I need to combine my chickens before winter decides to take an overextunded stay Also sould I dust or exterminate the coop? Any suggestions? Thank You, Tricia
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    we had blood in our coop tonight near the feeder but haven't identified the cause/hen. Everyone looked ok but they're up on the roost. I'll look them over tomorrow. Anyway that's why this caught my attention...

    The powder is called Blood stop and you should be able to get this at most farm and feed stores, TSC, etc. You can also get it online.

    I think you could use liquid bandage on it too, after cleaning it out reasonably well.

    There is another picture of someone who bandaged the chicken's feet up. That may help also.

    I have no idea on the bugs.

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