Polish hen down on her side

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  1. lktiv

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    Jan 30, 2009
    This morning, my wife and I found one of our Polish hens lying on her side, flapping one wing. Last night, she was as healthy as any of the other hens. Now she's lying on her side, apparently unable to move, and her black feathers are crawling with tiny white insects. None of the other hens show any signs of these mites or lice, whatever they are. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened to her? Could it be that our Polish rooster injured her during the night, and that's when the insects got on her?

    Lucian Truscott
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    The mites/lice could be the problem. I would dust her or give her a bath. Keep her seperate from the others. I would also dust the other girls and the coop.
    Farm & Fleet sells Pountry Protectorm in the live stock section. Not sure how good it works just picked up a bottle.
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    The lice/mites will cause anemia and weaken her, but she could have been feeling bad already. I would dust her, keep her warm, keep water & food nearby, put vitamins in her water and see if she improves.

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