Polish Hen not acting right...

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    My mother did some work for some people a while back and ended up taking a Buff Laced Polish Hen in exchange for the work instead of cash, she just felt bad for the girl and has a soft spot for Polishes. when she got the girl she was kind of plucked and her crest had been "trimmed". She has finally grown back her beard and she had laid a couple eggs since being on the farm.... one teeny, long one and another HUGE double-yolker, that's all.

    She is kept in good health and seems to be at a decent weight. we dusted her when we did the rest of the flock so she's free of mites/lice. We haven't done our yearly worming yet but i don't believe she has worms. She sleeps A LOT though, and usually her favorite place to sit is on top of the Flock Block(treat block) so she can grab a snack when she gets hungry or in the tomatoes to sleep. She is Always in the coop before everyone else and the last to come out in the morning. I have also noticed that she doesn't do very well on chilly mornings(like just misty), I have had to move her into the brooding shed to get warmed up a couple times.

    Some other BYC'ers thoguth that this behavior sounded unhealthy, like something may be going on internally, so I posted again here to get some more feedback and see if it sounds like anything is going on. Any help is really appreciated, we'd like to keep this girl healthy and with us for as long as God allows. [​IMG]


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    How old it the girl? Maybe she's just a senior and needs more rest than the others. Or it could be that at her old home she didn't get an equal shot at the food and she's taking advantage of a new pecking order and freely available food.
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    Is she getting picked on? Sometimes if they peck at the head of the polish it can really cause some damage. Sure hope you figure out whats wrong very soon [​IMG] Poor girl!
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    I think she is old also, she kind of looks old in the face(her eyes). But some thought maybe she might be eggbound or something else because of the abnormal laying.

    She's pretty mellow, loves the ducklings & chicks and lays with the jevenile ducklings all the time, likes them more than the chickens actually. and my roo rarely bothers her with mating.

    ETA: No, she's not getting pecked/picked on, she gets along with everyone and prefers to stay with the ducks usually and they love her.
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