polish hen picking on roo?


I suspect fowl play!
9 Years
Jun 29, 2010
Hey, well, I came home from the hospital with my son to find a bald spot on my Polish Roo's head. Seems that my polish hen is plucking him! Goodness, I thought it was going to be the other way around.

They are both the same age, about 6 months. She hasn't started laying yet. He is crowing although I don't think they are mating yet. Just the two of them right now, although I have 9 one month old girls that will be joining them in the coop as soon as possible. I just got them back from my friend who was caring for them for me.

Anyone know why, or how to stop it? Does she just need some lady friends?
Hi wilde. Wow , sounds like she is the rooster. She doesn't have saddle feathers? Anyway, Give the picked on rooster extra food/treats. It might give him the chance to pass her in growth mentally ,and, physically. I hope he does ok.
LOL, nope, no saddle feathers. She is clearly a hen, powderpuff and all. What's really funny is if I take him out, she cries and cries until I bring him back. I see them sometimes spar just a little bit, too. I don't think he has even tried to mate her, but since I'm not there all the time, I'm sure it could have happened.

I think she's going to be in for a rude awakening in a while because of the 9 other girls I have, some are going to be quite a bit bigger than her. I hope she just needs some feminine companionship because other than that she is the most mild, quiet and sweet chicken. I can't believe he lets her get away with it!

I will bring him some extra treats. That's a good idea.
Does anyone have any other ideas? I looked at him today and it's worse. He has a little bald spot right in the middle of his head. Might have to rename him Friar Tuck. Brought him some extra apples today.

Poor thing. Can't believe he's getting picked on by his only girl. Sheesh!
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You may need to separate them for a while. Be certain she has plenty of protein. Give her a half can of salmon once a week.

I had a Polish mix roo hatched in April try to mate his mother today and she showed him some manners.

Eventually I hope to get chicks from the two.
Okay, I've figured out what her problem is.

She thinks she's a roo.

I was out in the yard with them today, and she is the one getting all puffed up and irritated when our dog walked by, and then she chased the dog around the yard. I will give her extra protein but I'm starting to think she's just a witch. I think I'm probably going to have to separate them, or find her a nice place to stay, like the crock pot.

We'll see, because I hate to give her up. She should be laying any time now.

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