Polish hen severely injured help *graphic picture*

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    May 19, 2016
    I am a chicken newbie and joined this site for help as it has been my favorite for good info.

    This is Lola my favorite hen and she has struggled her whole life with being picked on. We had all our hens originally at a friends farm as we were in the process of buying ours. As Lola continued to be picked on over and over again we decided I would just take her and the three most gentle hens with me. Especially since they can free range at my place instead of being in a run at my friends.
    We brought them here yesterday. Lola (the polish) and 3 buff orpingtons. I noticed a little pecking yesterday and put some vapor rub on her head like so many had recommended here. They seemed fine.

    This morning I let them out of the coop and only one buff came out. It is cold, windy, and drizzly here today so I just thought they wanted to be out of the weather. I kept checking and they seemed fine until I came out and saw blood all over the coop. And of course as soon as I got Lola out they are all now happily free ranging. I think they had cornered her in there! I cried and cried and just felt so terrible.

    I have gotten Lola out and will be rehoming the Buffs as clearly she cannot be with any of the hens from our flock. But I have no idea how to treat her wound as I am a chicken newbie. Can you please help me figure out how to take care of my poor girl.

    Do I rinse it? Leave it alone? I am literally clueless. But I love this hen so much and don't want her to get infected. The bleeding has now stopped and she ate some feed that I placed in the crate with her.

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    [​IMG] Apply antibacterial ointment (without the pain killer ingredient) , keep the flies from getting at her, and she should have a complete recovery. Very sadly what has happened to her frequently happens to Polish in mixed flocks. You may want to get some Polish chicks to raise as future flock mates for her.
  3. greenmamaem

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    May 19, 2016
    I actually have a flock of 11 chicks that are almost 6 weeks old. 4 of them are polish. Then I have 4 Easter eggers, 2 australorps, and 1 barred Plymouth Rock. Do you think I can eventually include her in that flock? After she heals of course.

    Will Neosporin or polysporin work? Should I rinse her off first?
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    May 14, 2016
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    I must have a unicorn, my Polish picks on everyone else! I bet their main reason for being targeted is they can't see it coming half the time, seriously considering giving mine a feather cut haha! Hoping for a quick and thorough recovery for Lola!
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