polish hens with rhode island red hens (chicks)

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    Feb 4, 2016
    well I'll start by saying that this April I am getting my first chickens ever. I have ordered them from mcmurray hatchery and will be receiving 15 chicks 3rd week of April. I have 9 polish breeds 3 Rhode island reds and 3 black star sex link (all females or so they say). my wife and I really liked the polish breed because of their unique look and from my research they seem to be good with kids as well. the other breeds I've ordered are for egg production. my main concern is that the polish will be bossed around by the bigger birds. will all of them growing up together help this issue? I plan on building my coop at 8'x7' w/ 7' ceiling and a 14'x14' covered run. looking for any advice

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    I've kept Polish and Houdans (another cool looking crested breed) with all of my other standard birds. These included Orpingtons, BSL's, RSL's, and Rhode Island Reds to name just a few. To say the least, my flock is pretty diverse with a good mix of breeds, and the Polish have been fine. One thing about them though, their crests really limit their vision. As a result, they are more susceptible to predators and can sometimes seem on edge. That being said, it is easy to spook them and their reduced eyesight can make them seem a little uncoordinated and, well, stupid. However, their temperaments are pretty laid back and calm once they figure out that you're not there to eat them. [​IMG]

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