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    alot of times i pick up my polish and i see that it has its mouth open a lot and its tounge will move some, almost like he's panting, but most times when he's just standing or if im holding him he will do that, he's two months old, is something wrong? none of my others really do it? once he was doing it and i put water by him, but he didnt go right to it or anything so i guess he wasnt thirsty... im worried, whats wrong
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    Can you see down his throat? See anything that looks like a worm in there? I'm not an expert on this because I've never had one with it, but if you do a search for 'gapeworm' you can find a lot of info that might help determine if that is what your chicken has.

    Another possibility is that his/her nares (nostrils) may be clogged. Polish do have really big holes there so I guess theoretically they could get dirt or whatever packed in there. You could try flushing them with warm saline. Just be sure to keep the head tilted downward so most of it runs OUT and doesn't choke the bird.
  3. Hi, Open his mouth and look at the top of his beak.

    You should see a cavity in the shape of a creavece from front to back. If you see any thing in there you will need to take this out.

    Chicken breath through thier nostrils into this opening in the top of the beak.

    I have had to do this quite a few times when my chickens experienced very cold weather. They get gunk in there.

    It usaully happens very rarely, but it sure is worth the look.

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