POLISH MUTE: FEMALE, PINIONED JUVENILE -will lower her price for a great home w/experienced owner!!


13 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Hudson, OH

Here's the sad/happy story about this special girl

This youngster was born on May 14 of this year and has been large and healthy from day 1-as usual with offspring from our pair. The parents are an 11-yr old breeding pair from extremely rigorous stock and we've never had a single health issue with them--including throughout our harsh winters when they absolutely prefer to stay out on the ice! We are especially grateful they produce such healthy offspring as we had a disaster this spring--aka, all of the cygnets were severly injured or killed by a snapping turtle that we had been trying to trap since before they hatched. At this point, I have invested a small fortune in this remaining girl. Thanks to a wonderful exotics vet who specializes in water fowl, she is totally healed and healthy and good to go. The only sign of what had happened that is left with her is that she is missing one toe-if we didn't tell you specifcally to look, you might never even notice, thank goodness!! It is obviously no longer affecting her at all. There's more to the story of the snapper, but that can be told to you verbally.

A small pond is ok and ours have always lived outside through our harsh winters with no problems. This youngster must go to a proven good home with protection from predators!! We are so diligent that I know some folks in our lives think we're crazy, but we still had this bad incident. We are happy to mentor/advise/help in any way to keep them happy and healthy. Her body is big, but she is still very immature mentally which is why protection from predators is so important. Also, she'll need to be put with a male of similar age (which I can help you find) as she won't be sexually mature for a couple of years or another female. Check out comparative prices online for the larger hatcheries......and thanks for looking at our big, beautiful girl !!
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Thank you, Aspen. We've had lots of babies, but for some reason these just got to us more than usual....they're cute and they're funny, and they've got to be right in the middle of everything when we're out there working in the barn around them....they're giving our usual "in your face, what are you doing?" alpaca a run for her money!!
Wish you were closer, too.........and we sure don't have $600 laying around either with all these mouths to feed.......but given what we've got in them and that swans prices usually jump when they hit the 1-yr mark, I do think it's a fair price. Besides, it's just gonna be a one-month hay payment anyway!

Sure will be hard to let these little ones go--it will feel very weird in the barn without them now!
I just sold my 2 boys and oh boy it was hard. Had them for 4 yrs and my sister owned one of them for 3yrs before coming to me. I sold them to the most awesome home ever and I too was super picky at where they went. They now live in Texas (im in Michigan) with 2 female's on a 5 acre fenced in pond. Im sad to have sold them and will miss them much more when the pond is melted off but also glad to found them such a great home.
Good luck sellin as its hard to let them go
I live on the largest freshwater lake in California. There used to be only one male mute swan on the entire lake, who I named Sydney. A few years ago I bought a female (Cinderella) for him, which 3 years later turned out to be a male (Cinderfella). Sound familiar?

They are good buddies, but I WANT BABIES! I am passionate to get more swans on this huge lake. It has no predators, uninhabited islands to breed on, and an abundance of submerged weeds, which is their main natural diet. I also give them special waterfowl food (made by Mazuri) in feeders on the shore, which keeps them coming back year-round. One of them eats out of my hand.

In your various communications and contacts on the subject, do you know of where I might obtain a few eggs or birds?

J. Holden


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