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  1. Chicken-Man

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    Jan 8, 2014
    your head.... ~(*.*)~
    [​IMG] This is Rouge (The Marvel Character)
    She's my little Polish and I was wondering what kind of personality Polish hens usually have. Mine is very friendly, her crest makes her very blind and a bit nervous. If I go to pick her up I speak to her because she seems to know my voice and no she's safe but if one of my other girls comes and gives her a little peck she goes wild!! When she's roaming the yard she isn't very active, not sure if that's cuz she can't see or if this is normal. she does have a little peck around just not as flighty as all my others. She LOVES to perch!
    She hasn't started laying yet, what kind of eggs can I expect?
    thanks ^.^
  2. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    Rogue is certainly a beautiful hen. I used to raise Golden Laced Polish and they were generally docile and friendly. I had one exception however, a rooster named Ivan, who was the meanest, most aggressive chicken I've ever had. I had to remove him from the flock as everyone and everything in his vicinity was a target for him. I couldn't risk him injuring a member of my family, nor did I want to breed that kind of aggression into my flock. Ivan was definitely the exception however and not the rule. Good luck with Rogue.

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