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    I was hoping to get some pointers on the polish breed. What colours I could get by crossing certain colours. Also has any one out there found the white crested black birds more wild than other colours? I am hoping to cross frizzle silver laced with chamois, gold laced and white crested black. Also white crested black with frizzle gold laced, chamois and smooth gold laced. Many thanks in advance.[​IMG]
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    May 14, 2014
    I've only had Golden Laced Polish chickens, but they were all quite gentle, all except one rooster named Ivan, who was the most aggressive rooster I've ever had. I never crossed any different varieties of Polish, but I did have some Golden Laced Polish x Black Silkie crosses and they turned out to be the most beautiful chickens that I've ever had. Good luck with your Polish crosses.
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    I have to say that my 6 week White crested Blacks are some flighty, feisty little things! They are way more talkative and active than the Gold Laced were at the same age and have this awesome yet crazy wing-powered walking thing going on which propels them along at breakneck speed!

    I can see them getting their wings clipped before too long if they carry on at the same rate!!! They certainly seem more lively than the GL ones we've had before. More wild? I'll let you know... [​IMG]

    Oh and Neville (RIP) our rooster was constantly trying to disembowel me, at every opportunity. Super protective of his girls and crazy aggressive. For a tiny little bit, he sure kicked and clawed above his weight...
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