Polish poultry parents, how do you tend their poofs?


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Nov 9, 2007
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Yeah, yeah I know...properly called a crest. I like poof better

My two remaining polish chicks were named today - Annie and Star. They are free-ranging with their surrogate silkie mama. Their little crests are growing in, so I wonder....

Will they get haircuts (their silkie mama did)?

Will they get barettes?

Will they get rubber bands?

I gave my polish roo a haircut so now he looks like a girl
Poor thing is much happier now that he can see. I tried doing ponytails with my silkies and it didn't go so well. Some of them would just fall over if they had it in. I think it had something to do with the vaulted skull. The others fell out within a day or so. Now that they have their own barn and they don't have to go outside for anything and nothing ever gets moved on them they are much happier. I think if I have to move them back in with the rest of the birds again I will just give them haircuts.
when I clipped the feathers over my girl's eyes, she was transformed! stood up stick tall and looked everywhere!
and she no longer gets separated from the flock.
k, so haircut it is I guess. Hate to ruin their poofs, but they are a part of the flock.

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