POLISH PPL<What is this?


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I have the 25 TopHat special from MM. I have several black with white crests but I do have four white ones, two with feathered legs and two without. I noticed today that one has a comb that looks like Devil Horns! What is this? My DD is taking a pair to the 4H fair Sat. What pair should she take?
Thanks for your response. I was told that the feather footed ones were not good to show, do you know if that's true?
Polish are a clean legged bird if you have white ones with feathers on their legs I would assume that they are Houdans. As far as showing I am unsure as chickens are more a hobby and food provider for me. Hopefully someone who knows will post. Good luck.
are the all white ones the ones that have feather feet?

Houdans, Polish and crevecoeur are all clean footed ( no feathers )

Houdans are clean legged.

The FL ones are sultans. They can be great show birds, as long as they conform to the SOP. Stubs on any clean legged bird is a DQ.
Ok, I looked at feathersite. Do the roos have the V comb and the hens dont? I definately have a pair of Sultans.
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