Polish pullet has trouble seeing

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    Apr 4, 2012
    This spring I ended up with 3 random chicks from a neighbor making some bad purchasing decisions at a farm supply store and 1 of them is a polish pullet. I was pretty excited because I have never raised a Polish before. That being said, do they all seem a bit disoriented like they can't see very well? sometimes she can't find her way out of the coop, and gets confused at dusk. I've looked at her eyes, no sign of damage or them looking like she would be blind but her "poof" is quite large! and I have to push the feathers back to even see her eyes. Secondly just this week her poof feathers are all wet and muddy like shes dipping her whole front of her face in a dirty mud puddle. Would make sense if they were allowed out in their normal summer yard but they are in a completely covered yard now that winter is upon us. PLEASE someone with Polish experience help me!
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    that is all pretty common for polish, she needs a hair cut. just be careful of her comb, yes there is one in there. i learned that the hard way! lol you do have to keep them trimmed. feel her breastbone to make sure she has been eating enough. they are a bit of a pain but i love the look i give mine a mohawk doo

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