Polish pullet with drooping head and bright pink color on beak


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Oct 18, 2018
My white crested black polish pullet has been more inactive the last week and staying in the corner of the brooder with her head drooped throughout the day. She also has a bright pink color on the edge of her beak. This is my first time owning chickens so i am wondering if this is anything to worry about? She seems to be eating and drinking normally and has moments where she starts to play with our other chicken but she isn't as lively and active as the other polish chicken. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you. Pictures attached. Polish chicken is about 12 weeks old.


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The pinkish color is on both sides, do female polish chickens have wattles like that? What kind of vitamin water do you recommend? we haven't tried that yet.

They are wattles, then. I don't have any polish chickens, so I can't help you on how those develop. As far as the vitamin water goes, I bought mine through Amazon. It's a powder in a package, and you mix some up in water. The type that I bought was by "durvet" and comes in a 4 oz. package. It last's a long time. It has vitamins & electrolytes.
You may have the gender wrong. If the wattles are big, it’s gonna be a little rooster, not a hen. Can you show us the other side? If it gets bigger in the future and if a Rose comb (it’s what our rooster named Elvis has as he is orange and black, I forget the type of polish.) and bigger wattles come in, its clearly a male. If the comb is smaller and their wattles aren’t really showing, it’s a girl. You can’t tell in baby chicks btw.
inactive the last week and staying in the corner of the brooder with her head drooped throughout the day. She also has a bright pink color on the edge of her beak.

Polish chicken is about 12 weeks old.
What does her poop look like (photos?)
Another photo of how she is standing may be helpful, it's hard to tell if her neck is bending between her legs or if she's lethargic.

Until we can see her more clearly, I'm going to take a guess since this is a Polish chick, she may have Wry Neck.
I would give her some poultry vitamins that contain E and B1. You can use human vitamins - 400IU Vitamin E and 1/4tablet human B-Complex. Offer her a treat of egg or tuna for Selenium.

She needs to stay hydrated and eating. If symptoms worsen, then you may need to hand feed her. If you happen to lose her, getting a necropsy from your state lab will give you some answers.
Her poop looks normal so far and she is still eating and drinking. We give her mealworm for treats occasionally. I just got some vitamins to add into the water from our local feed store, i'll give that a try. Her head is intermittently in that position and she is usually picking at her chest, her head is on the outside of her leg otherwise she stands like the picture on top. I sprinkled some diatomaceous earth on her yesterday to see if it helps. We have her inside with another polish pullet and are looking to put the two polish chickens in with our 3 other chickens outside in the coop but i have been keeping them separate because i'm not sure if this one is sick.

She was outside with her breeder before we got her, would that influence her mood/behavior? how do i estimate when i can put her in with the rest of the flock?


*V comb* Elvis has a V comb. Sorry about that!
Also, how she/he is in the photo looks like a neurological problem. StarGazer, a 5-month golden Wyandotte pullet had neurological issues and did the head-underneath-legs thing when she was scared. She ain’t laying yet.
that's a girl because of crest shape.. looks like wry neck… give her some Nutri drench and make sure she is getting food and water.. give her some raw or scrambled egg... hope she get better.. you are lucky to have her:hugs

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