POLISH question !!!

Miz Mary

14 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Pacific NW
How do you tell a Polish BANTAM vs. regular size ?!!? I have 1 Black Crested POlish Roo who is bigger than the bantams, but smaller than the reg. group !! I ordered 2 Buff Polish hens for him .... just realized they came in different sizes ?!?!
Most, if not all breeds come in bantam size as well as normal size.

Bantam Polish should weigh around 2-3 lbs (this is a guess) while standard sized ones should weigh about 5-7 lbs. They should be the same size, if not a little smaller than your average laying hen. Bantam Polish are really tiny.

Often hatchery/feedstore based Polish are really small though, and all though they're not bantams, can be confused for such. I once got a silver laced hen who was 1-2 lbs lighter than my others and very skinny in body.
DO you have any other bantams to compare it to ?

polish are about the same size as any other bantam

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