Polish Roo with Standard Breed Hens


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
East Central Indiana
I got a polish cockerel given to me with my batch of pullets (4 RIR, 4 white rocks, and 2 Australorps). Those girls don't seem to care too much for his little white fro and now he is practically bald. This is my first time raising chickens. I bought some Blu-Kote yesterday and put it on his poor little noggin. Is there anything else I can do to help?

Goose and Fig

Grateful Geese
10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
You might have to get him a polish girlfriend, and seperate them from the rest of the flock.
When any of my big hens are being picked on, I send them for a little "vacation" in the banty coop. The little cohins don't seem to mind anybody but my RIR roo.

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