Polish Rooster 6 Months Old


In the Brooder
Oct 6, 2021
Unfortunately, i have to rehome my perfect little polish chicken. He is the best and has such an amazing personality. He just started crowing in the morning and my neighbors complained. He is not aggressive at all and just an overall super funny sweet guy. He currently lives with 3 hens. He was bullied by my older 5 hens when he was little and has a bald spot on his head from where they pulled out his feathers. I have him on high protein food and he has new growth on his head. Please someone adopt him and give him love. I am in Westchester NY. He may need to be seperated from full grown hens if they are bigger than he is just until his hair grows back. Now that he is fully grown he will be able to stick up for himself a little better when he is reintroduced to his accompanied ladies. His name is Fusilli.

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