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  1. Lisa RB

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    Oct 31, 2015
    I have a Polish Rooster that attacks me when I go in to collect eggs or give the chickens treats. He won't eat the treats or come anywhere near me. He is fine with my husband. Yesterday he wouldn't even let me in the coop. He jumps up flapping his wings and tries to scratch my legs with his claws. I had to grab a tree branch and put it in first then walk in to gather eggs. I've read not to engage a rooster or act threatening, but I don't feel feeding treats (meal worms) is threatening. I'm a fairly new chicken owner so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You need to scare the crap out of him. Next time he comes at you? Pretend he's a soccer ball. Roosters need to learn that it hurts a lot more to come after you than to stay away. They don't give up - there is a reason chickens were originally domesticated for bloodsport.

    Some people will tell you to "force cuddle" them, or, like you said, just not appear threatening. I have never once had that work. Tried it for two months at work because the boss didn't approve of my methods and I didn't want to risk actually injuring a bird that wasn't mine. Finally had a bad day and got tired of Howard's attitude and kicked him about 5 feet off then chased his across the yard. He hasn't tried anything since. He was also a Polish; the breed has a high tendency towards aggression due to their poor field of vision.

    Believe me, I don't approve of physical correction in pretty much any other species. But roosters can do serious damage, especially to young children. The only long-term solution that has ever, in my experience, worked, is kicking them until they don't come back. Yelling, growling, and holding them by their feet and pushing their feathers backward, or plucking a couple small ones works too.

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