Polish/Silkie and Barred Rock/Silkies - Hen or Roo?


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May 21, 2017
My white crested polish hatched 5 chicks (some are hers and some are from my barred rock) with my buff silkie roo. They hatched on July 16th so are about 8 weeks old. Looking for help sexing them as I am new to the game!

1 - Thinking this is a Roo, comb and wattle are red and much larger than the rest
2 - The only of this color :) I think its a hen. My roo (last pick) is buff, do you think this one will stay this color or lighten up?
3 - Unsure
4 - Unsure
5 - I will try to get a better picture of this barred chick. Has a small comb (silkie looking comb) but is more pink than red at at this point

Thank you in advance!
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Do you have updated pictures of them?

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