Polish Tolbunt & Cuckoo Tolbunt(Candy Corn Crested) Chicks and hatching eggs

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    Feb 20, 2012
    I have 2 Cuckoo Tolbunt Cockerels over 3 Cuckoo(Candy Corn crested) Tolbunt Pullets, 2 German Tolbunt Hens and 1 F1 Gold Lace Tolbunt Pullet. The Cuckoo Tolbunts are a rare Coloring unintentionally created by Green Acres Farm. Like everybody else Working with Tolbunts Genetic Diversity was needed by crossing in Gold Lace Polish. Instead of Gold Laced, a few Crele Polish were used with much success. Mountain Valley Poultry has sought out the best of those offspring that show the unique characteristics. Both of our Cuckoo Tolbunt Cockerels have white Mottling on the tips of their body feathers. We only selected the few pullets that had some white Mottling in their feathers and the Candy Corn Crest.The 3 Pullets Candy Corn Pattern crest is absolutely stunning. The 2 Hens are direct descendents from imported German Tolbunts. We are still learning about this color but are very excited about the possibilities. Chicks will Hatch as Tolbunt, Cuckoo Tolbunts and Possibly Crele.

    Eggs are $12 each and shipping is $15 up to 18 eggs.
    2-3 Week old Chicks are $35 each (min 5 & Max 10) Shipping is $60
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    is it possible to order a single pullet (young enough to still tame for a child to handle) marked as in photo 1? If so, how much would she run and how much for shipping to 77566? Thanks!
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    Feb 20, 2012
    I could ship an 8 week old pullet for $125. It would not be available until May. I could have my son handle it for about a week before shipping. They are usually fairly tame as they age because they do not see real well behind them. I have 8 month old pullets that were really never handled and are easy to catch. They do not try to escape if they have been held much before. It would be important that you help your child handle it when it is young and make sure they are not rough with it.
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    Hi [​IMG][​IMG]
    Can you send me an invoice for 8 please [​IMG][​IMG]!!! I am really wanting the Candy Corn and Tolbunt badly [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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