Polish Top Hat roo to trade in S. NJ.

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    Mar 28, 2014
    Deep South New Jersey
    Gold laced black polish top hat rooster. We have bought sold and traded many times locally over the last year so I am not sure of the exact age but he is well under a year old and just started crowing yesterday.Best guess is about 4 months old. We have a no roo ordinance and this roo will be going in the soup pot if a new home is not found soon. I would like to trade for a hen jersey giant,orpington or other full size layer. Trade must have feathers at this point because she will be going out in the coop.
    FYI- our coop has 9 hens total and is 6x6 with laying boxes and an attached covered 12x12 chicken yard/run. They are let out most days to free range a fenced yard. The bird your getting is in excellent health and the bird you trade will be getting a safe healthy home. We will travel within 30 miles of Landisville, 08326 to make a switch.
    Please e-mail jpetyan4@gmail.com or smpetyan@gmail.com
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