Polish with tail skin ripped off...

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    So I have no idea how it happened but when I went out to check on everybody a couple weeks ago I noticed all of Houdini's tail feathers were missing. I figured maybe they got pulled out by an animal of some sorts when I had let her out to free range. I picked her up to make sure there was no other damage and saw nothing but bone where her tail used to be. For once I didn't freak out and instead grabbed her and put her in isolation so I could treat the wound. Now I had a banty that had been completely scalped to where there was no skin covering the top and back of her skull that eventually healed up just fine with proper care. I've been spraying Houdini's tail area with Vetricyn a couple times a day for 2 weeks. Now the only issue is the skin doesn't seem to be growing back over the bone like my banty's did. It's healing up very well around the area but her bone is still protruding. Should I try to amputate the tail bone? Or leave it be for a few more weeks and see if the skin will cover it on its own? I'm worried about her getting an infection in the bone with it being exposed for so long. Anyone else ever have a case like this?
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    I'd leave it. Hope he gets better soon!

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