Polish with terrible mite infestation, caked eyes

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    I feel terrible and I need my chicken license revoked. My poor polish rooster has become severely infested with mites, to the point that his eyes, and probably ears, are caked up with crud. I've scanned the forums looking for tips, and here is what I've done for him so far:

    Dusted him with Sevin dust, which apparently didn't do the trick since they were still crawling all over him, and he went from one caked eye to two. Today I bathed him with flea and tick shampoo, cleaned off his eyes and tried to remove as much of the crud from his crest as I could. He's in the pet carrier with a warm fan blowing on him now to dry him off. Then he'll go into my brooder box, which has been thorough cleaned, sprayed and dusted with Sevin, and I think I'll dust him again, too.

    Assuming I can kill off the mites, how do I get all of the crud off of him? And specifically, how can I get it off of his face? I read that this can cause permanent damage to him, but nothing specific about what that damage is.

    Any help is appreciated. Please be gentle, I feel absolutely awful!
    Thank you!
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    I would dust with wood ashes, Sevin is not as safe for people as it is made out to be so I would never want to use it on an animal. It will take several dustings to kill off all the mites. Are they the kind that lay eggs around the base of the feathers? Then I would get some NuStock and coat as much/many of the feathers as possible, especially around the vent and the head & neck. You can also use on his comb, just don't get it in his eyes. This thread has been of great help to me; https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...-horrors-anyone-want-to-follow-their-progress

    Go to http://www.nustock.com/ and check the dealer page for the one closest to you. I had a Welsummer roo completly covered in nits and the nustock and woodashes did the trick but it is not going to happen over night.

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