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May 11, 2020
Hey guys, I’m new here and new to chickens. We have several different breeds at our farm. We have SLW hens and a rooster and will be getting polish soon. My question is how do you get a silver laced polish? Can these two breeds cross? Thanks!


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Mar 20, 2017
My question is how do you get a silver laced polish?

Usually you buy them. I've seen them listed on the websites of several hatcheries. (Some places call them "Silver Polish," some call them "Silver Laced Polish." Same kind of birds.) I'm sure some private breeders raise them too.

Can these two breeds cross?

Any chicken breeds are able to cross with each other.

If you want to try crossing those two breeds: you will probably get silver laced birds with small crests and weird-shaped combs.

If you want to raise purebred chicks of one kind or the other: have only one breed of rooster in the pen, and be sure you know which eggs come from which breed of hen. Wyandottes are supposed to lay brown eggs, and Polish are supposed to lay white eggs. So the only problem will be if some eggs are light brown or off-white and look alike :)

Or have one pen for one breed, and another pen for the other breed. And don't let a rooster fly over the fence to visit the other breed hens ;)

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