11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Orange County, New York
My Polish is my favorite of all of my chooks. I have to warn, though, that she was hand reared and has taken to my hands as 'her buddies', following them around. She sticks pretty close to home at times and is very smart, always knowing when it's time to go back to going home when she doesn't know where the rest of the flock is. She will free-range if we let her and is pretty quiet. I love her so much. She's a poor layer and was the last of our whole mixed flock to start laying, at about 8 months old.

She's an excellent outdoors pet and very friendly. She doesn't mind being held and the love that my family shows her. I don't notice a flighty bone in her body. I love her so much that my parents let me hatch out two of her eggs last year, a VERY rare treat. One hen and one roo. The roo is leaving next week for his unbelievable, aggressive nature. I raised him well, but he just turned mean. His sister though is a love and I just brought her back from a parade in our town today. She was very quiet and well behaved, especially when everyone and their kids where going and touching her. I was very proud to have such a tame animal.

She has made me want to start my own Polish flock someday. The breed will never cease to amaze me. Just be careful in bad weather and winters. Crest feathers will freeze up in snow and the feathers will turn into dread-locks in rain, causing them to get muddy and dirty. They need plenty of extra TLC. Others have said that they don't do well with over breeds, as they have a habit of either being peckers or the pecked of the group. My girl has been doing very well and the only time she ever bled was when we had too many roos. When they were gone, she found her place and is pretty high in the pecking order. She hasn't bled since and fares very well.

Here's Patty: (You can start to see her crest feathers freezing up. This is typical in icy weather. Be aware that it get MUCH worse than this and sometimes she'll have icicles hanging from her head.)




Hope this helped!

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