Political puppets and realtors


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What won't politicians do for campaign funders?

I just finished a phone call with a buddy of mine who lives in Missouri. I offered to send him some bbs Orpington eggs if he'd buy an incubator to get started with chicken. He owns ten acres. He said he'd really like to, but last year the real estate developers got the county/city council to pass an ordinance forbidding all livestock, including chicken, because supposedly that lowered the value of the subdivisions attached to the land. My friend even had to get rid of a pet duck that he had for his granddaughter because the law was passed before he got the duck, so he was not grandfathered with it.

Anne and I have experienced something similar here. I had a beautiful wildflower meadow that I had to mow and burn and spray two-thirds of the field to get rid of Canada thistle that had taken over that large area. The Canada thistle has taken over this county ever since the realtors complained about the weed board's forcing them to get rid of the Canada thistle on the land that they had set aside for later development. Our county commisioners stopped all funding of the weed board, and since then the county is overgrown with Canada thistle and Johnson grass everywhere.
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Honestly, realtors do not have that kind of power. Could be that the real culprits are the developers and the politicians. I was a realtor for years. Now, some developers may also be realtors or real estate brokers (there is a difference), but a plain old realtor cant get anything done and we personally don't care anyway.

***Normally, a realtor must work as a salesperson for a number of years before going through a broker's course to become one of those...and most never do. And a real estate sales person is rarely a developer in my experience.

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