politician or great storyteller?

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    Jul 1, 2011
    My four oldest girls (rhode island reds, hatched June 10, 2011), well one of the four has found her voice and loves to communicate. Cracks me up. She'll start off low and soft, then starts strutting like she's communicating something very important. Head held up high. No one around. But everyone else, littlest ones included are facinated by what she's sharing. Absolutely everyone stops what they are doing, stands tall just like her, freezes with one eye in her direction and just...listens. She'll keep this up for a good two/three minutes then back to her normal behaviour. It's like an invisible switch is turned off, like magic, everyone just moves again doing their own thing.

    I think it's a bit early for her to be doing the prelimenary egg practice song isn't it? Is she just showing off? Singing a happy tune? Finding her big girl voice? It is never addressed towards any other chicken as part of the pecking order. Is this part of the human equivelent of pre PMS?

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