Poll: How did your partner react to you keeping chickens?

What was your partners reaction to your first chickens

  • They wanted them more than me!

    Votes: 6 8.2%
  • They were excited but it was my idea.

    Votes: 24 32.9%
  • The didn’t care either way.

    Votes: 22 30.1%
  • They were against it.

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • They said “NO WAY” but I got chickens anyway!

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • Other (Please explain)

    Votes: 14 19.2%

  • Total voters
Mine didn't care, but because he knew I'd been wanting them, he was all for me getting them and was willing to help out wherever needed. He just didn't like pet birds and didn't have any interest in having any.

Fast forward a few years, and now every spring he pesters me, "When are we getting more chicks? We're getting more soon right?" I'm good with the number we have but he always wants more! When we're at the feed store I'm the one ordering feed and meanwhile, he's in the chick area cooing at the babies. :p
At first when I told my partner, he just gave a vague "uh huh..." because I am always filled with ideas for the farm. To him, it was just another project on the never ending list. He likes to do things well the first time around, so he did spend quite a bit of time and money getting a locally made building from a neighbour who has his own mill (we love supporting our neighbours) and this aspect is where he took over and went beyond any of my expectations I had in place for a coop and run. Down to little details like putting vinyl flooring in the coop for ease of cleaning or making sure that the coop had a metal roof that exactly matches the metal roof on our house. I never asked for such details, but I think he really does like them a lot more than he lets on he does. We can watch the chickens in their run from the house and every time he sees them doing their thing he tells me how much he loves to see them.
Like so many people, I got "pandemic chickens."

The day after my work shut down "for 3 weeks," DH said he thought I should get chickens now, instead of waiting until I retire. As a hedge against food insecurity, sort of...? It turned out I never went back to work.

He likes to build things, and the coop he built was a flat out home run hit. So this was sort of his idea, but we had planned to get chickens when I or we retired anyway. The timeline just moved up.

They are my responsibility, but he enjoys them too.

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