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Jun 26, 2010
Western Washington
Ok, I am 16 weeks pregnant and have my 'anatomy' ultrasound scheduled for the 28th. So I want to see what you guys think I am having! I know there are plenty of 'ways' to tell, so here are the symptoms so far.

Food cravings- cold turkey sandwiches, enchiladas, skittles, coca cola, garlic bread, crab legs and a baked potato with four slices of mild cheddar cheese mixed in... If I remember others I will post them

Food aversions- melted cheese, anything with a spicy smelling sauce, sausage, solid meats that aren't heavily seasoned (chicken breast, steak, etc. shred it season it right and its ok, but otherwise...), and fried food.

Complexion- I broke out for a few weeks but now I am back to normal.

Belly shape- not much to look at yet.

Mood swings- I didn't even cry when DiCaprio died in Titanic (i was... 16? ish) but teared up in a scene from Wreck it Ralph two weeks ago and flat cried watching the senator die in Stargate Universe. And woke up crying in my sleep a few times for no apparent reason.

Odd behaviors- went on an early morning cupcake baking spree (it was almost like a compulsion, I was even dreaming about baking these things) and then couldn't make myself eat even one until the next day. Two days later did the same thing with chocolate chip cookies.

If you can think of any 'test' you want me to do and I have the supplies on hand I will add it to the list.
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Jun 28, 2011
Gosh, you sound like me when I was pregnant, only I was much worse LOL. I had a boy.

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Jun 11, 2012
Peyton, CO
I cried when Diego "died" in Ice Age during my first pregnancy and cried at everything during my second. I NEVER cry normally....both pregnancies I had girls.
I say girl.
Yay for ultrasounds! They are so much fun.


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Jul 22, 2011
I say girl because of baking sweets and then not eating them. I was like that with girls but craved/required sweets when pregnant with boys! I was also the most emotional EVER with my first girl (but I was a total rock with my 2nd girl/5th baby). I wasn't emotional with any of my boys.

The best way to tell IMO, is the speed of hair growth. Seriously. With my boys my hair grew SO fast. The hair on my head actually ONLY grows when I'm pregnant with a boy. LOL With my girls, my hair didn't grow anywhere, at all!

Can't wait for your u/s results! That is SO much fun and I miss the excitement of getting to see your new baby when it's still so little! be sure to post a pic! :)


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Apr 13, 2012
Northern Colorado
preg 1 (boy): craved mcdonalds, steak, english muffins with lots of pb and a glass of ovaltine and every morning i woke up at 215a and had a bowl of fruit and yogurt special k. lol. I was 18 and it was not planned so i was an emotional wreck...not sure how much was tied to hormones.

preg2 (boy): at alot of cheesecake factory soups, and chicken dishes (worked there), wanted alot of sweets...mainly candy and rootbeer. Really craved thinly sliced colby jack cheese, lemon pepper salmon, and peaches with cottage cheese. fairly emotional, heartburn was my first symptom (never had it before)

preg 3 (girl): super tired, got car sick (never have before), horrible hip pain from the beginning, craved hot cocoa mixed with coffee, wanted ice cream, and gummy candy, at alot of cheese, craved fried foods, was fairly emotional, wanted alot of Cesar salads with grilled chicken


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Western Washington

I went to the appointment. It went pretty much like this:

Me: Yay, ultrasound!!!!
Doc: Ummmm...

Doc: We only do ultrasounds on Tuesdays. The tech isn't here today. There must have been a miscommunication.

Doc: We can reschedule you for next Tuesday morning.
Me: Ok
DH: Not Ok. I have a massive report to complete and submit that day. (one car household, so I'd have to drop him at work at 6am with toddler in tow then go to the appointment and wrangle a screaming sleep deprived child while being ultrasounded)
Doc: Tuesday after next is open.
DH: That works.
Me: *sigh* Ok.

So I am rescheduled for Dec 10th. Skippy. I really wanted to know!

At least I got to hear the heartbeat on doppler.

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