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Poulets De Cajun

11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
Houston MetroMess, Texas
This was only a miniscule fraction of the total amount of members, I would love to see the percentages if a larger amount of members would have responded.

After 134 responses the results look like this:

Rhode Island Reds - 20%
Easter Eggers - 13%
Orpingtons - 10%
Rocks - 10%
Silkies - 9%
Games - 7%
Cochins - 6%
Sussex - 5%
Sex Links - 4%
Mixed Breeds - 3%
Leghorns - 2%
Wyandottes - 2%
Marans - 1%
d'Anvers - 1%
Buckeyes - 1%
Wellsummer - 1%
Chanteclers - 1%
Brahmas - 1%
d'Uccle - 1%
Australops - 1%
Ameracauna - 1%


It looks like Rhode Island Reds are pretty popular!

Black Feather

12 Years
Apr 20, 2007
I thought it was a neat question....although I'm not sure if people answered what was their favorite breed, or what they thought was the most popular breed.

I actually didn't put an answer down because I couldn't come to a decision. Many of the fancy breeds are nice and are popular within a certain circle of breeders/poultry enthusiasts.....but when I started to think of the question I realized that 'the' most popular breeds of chickens outside of massive production companies, would probably be the egg and meat birds that so many people purchase from local feed stores. Problem is, I'm not sure what sorts of chickens those are other than mixed breed 'layers' or 'meat birds'. I think the meat birds are the same as the commercial meat birds, but the layers are a much more diverse groups. Red Stars, Black Stars etc.

Anyway....just thinking out loud. Glad to see you had a good turnout of people to answer you question! I think the results are pretty interesting.


Happy Chicken Mama

12 Years
Apr 23, 2007
I am with Urban... I didn't answer because I was not sure what other people's favorite breed were.?.?.?

The new poll is better!

Great job! Beautiful PIE!

ps... you mentioned you were writing a paper... for a class???

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