*POLL*What do you consider too much money for a chick ?

*POLL* Would you pay "top dollar" for a chick? If so, what would be your limit?

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No chick is worth $20 to me, and there are no lower sum options in the poll. Maybe if I was into fancy breed breeding and got my hands on a rare specimen… I can see how I may want to pay… But I’m not in that position, so that’s not applicable to me. Also, I would just never buy chicks, period, so the question is even less relevant to me. Hatching is half the fun, so why miss out on that? Also, I’d be worried about biosecurity bringing new birds to my flock. If I want more chickens, I hatch them myself. The most I’ve paid was $7/egg to hatch on my own. I’d pay up to $10/egg for a small number of eggs if it’s a breed I really want. But that’s about it.

Overo Mare

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I agree.

I personally would never pay any of those amounts for a chick. For a chicken, yes. I have many times. For a chick? No.

My reason is because you simply do not know how it will turn out. Many breeders wait until around 6 months to even judge what they will keep or cull. Some wait even longer for slower maturing breeds. Therefore, I can't justify paying a large (for a chick) amount on something that I can't judge conformation and type on.
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