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    Jul 4, 2016
    So i love how the Polish look, they make me laugh and ive heard that they are very friendly. i really want to get one but ive heard some mixed messages on thier egg production. google says they lay about 200 a year, some people have said they lay almost every day in the summer and not at all in the winter, my pet chicken says they lay only 2 eggs a week. So how many eggs do your polish lay?

    Also what color should i get? Buff (not sure if its just buff or buff laced), golden laced, white crested blue, white crested black, white, or silver laced. Im leaning towards. golden laced, silver laced, or buff if it is buff laced.
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    Egg production will vary based on strain. My daughter is a Polish fanatic and hers have been pretty average layers at roughly 3 or 4 medium eggs/week (that works out to around 200/year).

    The Buff are Buff Laced and are my daughter's favorite color (she has a thing for "blondes"). You should get whatever colors appeal to you.
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    I too agree with the above on eggs production. It really all depends on the individual bird. Some of my polish ladies are excellent layers and others not so productive. Some of mine during the summer months lay everyday. Obviously as the daylight hours decrease and molt starts they do slow down and even stop altogether.

    As for colour it really is what you fancy, I've had all the above except white crested blue. I have found the white crested blacks are a little more noisy and scream for attention though. Otherwise I like them all and all have been friendly if tamed from chicks. Older birds that have not been tamed I have found to be a little more spooky. My thoughts are that this is due to their crests and not being able to see you approaching. Talking to polish is a must so they know you are there.

    Are you thinking of getting just one? Also would you be keeping your polish in a mixed flock?
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    They're definitely different ha-ha :D I have Buff laced. That would be a blonde I suppose ;)

    I only have 2, and they're my newest addition, so they are at the very bottom of the pecking order.

    But they don't care lol, they're very different from the rest of my hens. Kinda skittish since they can't see, as mentioned, but my daughter's love them and can catch them fairly easy. My DH likes them the most too; says he likes how they chatter with each other. They have different "voices" and are more inquisitive than the rest of the flock. I would venture to say they're smarter but they run into things ALOT, so I'm not sure smarter is the right word :D

    I get an egg every other day from each, medium cream colored. Good eggs for the kids since they're a bit smaller.

    They were the first ones out this morning for their first snow, so I'm thinking they'll do alright in Colorado for winter but I don't know yet how well they'll lay. But everyone else was reluctant to go out in the white stuff and they seemed to enjoy it. So they got a brownie point for being brave!

    I want to get the black ones with the white crests, I don't know the color by name though. They're neat birds to have around and seem to stick up for themselves quite well.
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