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    May 17, 2010
    we had to have blood testing done (so birds can be shown @ fair) last week.
    Got a call this AM that out of 30 tested birds, my 'Brown Turkey' was suspect pollurom..the rest, chickens, ducks AND turkeys are clean.
    After the different phone calls- 4H leader, regional poultry person & poultry friends...I had to put
    the bird "down" and take to animal diag. lab.
    We were told by 2 of the people that she got it from her mom (*called man purchased from so
    he could make 'breeder' aware. Turns out breeder is some hatchery that supplied the local feed mill. ( maybe they can locate the mother)
    Any one that can give me more information about this Pollurom--Please share with me.
    This has been one of the most stressfull days..shortened my turkey's life, my daughter cannot show at fair and if i want, I cannot purchase or
    sell any birds...
    [​IMG] so confused because my turkeys are kept penned away from the Show Birds..
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