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    Some of the Oldtimers/Sellers can pretty much ship anything by wrap with anything and get anywhere in one piece. But after hours - month of trying to achive that leave me exhausted and frustrated. I start to search for easier ways and here's what we come up with: Poly-Foam shipper
    The Foam is 7' X 6" X 3.5" in size, very flex but firm enough to hold eggs. Foam has 6 pre-cut holes, precisly spaced to be just enough protection for stander size eggs. It was design to fit in 7 X 7 X 6 USPS #4 size box to save you money. 2 piece fit perfectly in #4 box to ship 12 bantam to large size eggs.
    Here's how it work: you simply pull out the pre-cut center piece, cut into 3 piece, lay the eggs in hole, plug both end with the cut foam. You'll easily figure out how much to cut to fit the eggs. Run the tape around the eggs & foam so no accidental fall out should occur. Put foam with eggs into box, you're done in 5 minutes.


    You can also ship 12 eggs, double stack the eggs by put one half inch foam between the eggs as shown below, wrap eggs and foam, put in box, fill both side with popcorn, paper... etc to protect the side of eggs. Eggs are securely in place, clean and easy.

    The foam is so light, it protect eggs from ping/'crash into each other, you'll save money on postage and eggs is safe. The best part of all is this take very little time, just pull the center piece out, cut it according to your need, put the eggs in, tape it, box it, that's that. You will amazed how much money you save when ship.
    We will ship up to 25 foams for $10 shipping (US Partial Post 2-9 days), 10 foam or less shipping is $8. Poly-Foam is $2 each. Large order of 90+ we offer free shipping.
    This is buy it now, paypal is [email protected]
    Please PM me if interested or should you have any questions.
    Thank you for looking.
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    Feb 20, 2014
    Are you no longer selling these? If you are where are they listed?
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    Nov 19, 2013
    where can I find some of this??? been googling searching eBay and Amazon.........

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