Poly-Vi-Sol Success Story

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    Sep 8, 2016
    Thanks so much for all the Poly-Vi-Sol posts! My daughter has eight hens and one was always a small hen (frizzle) who could barely walk and her left leg was nearly useless. She shook terribly and her head was always jerking. I had to build guardrails up the ramp to the coop so she could get inside without falling off the sides since she couldn't walk a straight line... Man, she was a mess and we felt sorry for her and loved her willingness to try to be normal.

    After reading and reading everything I could find when describing her ailments I finally found information on the use of Poly-Vi-Sol. We started giving her Poly-Vi-Sol when she was about 5-6 months old and within a week we saw some improvement in her jerkiness and she appeared to be standing better and walking a bit straighter. Within 3 weeks she could run and walk normally and actually started pruning herself which is something she had great difficulty with since she couldn't control her head very well. At the month point she laid her first egg and has been laying every day since! She was able to perch on the roost last night for the first time!!!!! Now instead of being the outcast and being the last one to leave the coop and the last one in at night, she's at the head of the line. Running down the ramp like the big girls and mingling in the group like everybody else.

    We are relieved and thrilled at the turnaround! We all thought we'd give her the best life we could, but really knew that she wouldn't live long... THANKS to this great forum of brilliant chicken-folk who have saved our little girl!
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    So good of you to not give up on her!

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