Poly Vi Sol vitamin's for baby turkeys

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Texas Chickens, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Never did baby turkeys before big newbe to them

    My husbands from "New York State" [just like him] Narragansett turkey eggs are hatching out today and I got the 28% proten feed Wild Game bird starter at the feed store today for them..

    I read the bag and it does not say anything about being medicated...I would like to give them the Poly Vi Sol in their water once they are up and in the brooder pen like I did the little chicks when they hatched out.

    It's ok to do this right? Also would be the same amount as I put in the chicks water or would be more as to the size of the baby turkeys compaired to the size of the little chicks?
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    Why are you wanting to give the Poly to them?
  3. Why are you wanting to give the Poly to them?

    Because they would be in a brooder cage with little chicks.

    As it turned out only 1 turkey hatched out and now lives with the 6 little chicks that one of our little hens outside hatched out the same day. We had to take the chicks from her as the cats would eat them.

    At this time we do not have a pen up for broody hens to raise their own chicks. Hopefully this fall and winter we will have a place for them to go and raise their own chicks.
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    You aren't concerned with Black head? I am in the same boat with you. Chickens I have a knowledge of Turkeys I am learning. BUT although I have seen people with both in the same coop everything I read says DO NOT have the turkeys in the same coop or anywhere near chicken poop. It's been a couple of weeks how's it going?
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    If your area is pron to Black head or if your chicks are from an area where Blackhead is a problem, I would be concerned. I have 33 Turkeys, 24 of them I hatched out this year and they free range with my 100+ Chickens, 100+ ducks and 4 Geese and I have never had nor heard of any Blackhead in Southeastern Louisiana, where I live. If I were you, I would check with the AG agent or a vet in your area! A lot of areas in the US do not have this problem, but some do and getting information on your area would give you a heads up to make an informed decision. I think Blackhead is a very serious disease and you might look further, before you worry about something that might not have to be worried about, in the first place.[​IMG]

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