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What is with some people on here recommending poly-vi-sol for everything? It is alsmost like some think it is a miracle cure, it is nothing more than vitamins. If poly-vi-sol had the healing properties, some of the members on here would have you believe, I think we would have heard about it long ago. Sure it had vitamins in it but nothing special that the chickens need that isn't in the feed. I swear that some even post so much about poly-vi-sol that other members actually believe it will cure anything that affects a chicken, I mean there are some that would think that since it has been recommended so often it has to work. I have to laugh everytime I see a post recommending it, it is just a vitamin drops for infants, human infants, lol. Honstly who actually ever had it cure anything in one of thier birds?

Sorry for the rant, I just get sick of the junk I see on here about poly-vi-sol.



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While I dont think poly-vi-sol is a 'cure' for everything, there are some cases where a bird isnt able to absorb and/or retain the vitamins that food supplies and therefore ends up with a deficiency of that vitamin/vitamins. It could be caused by a minor illness that will go away once the immune system gets stronger (which vitamins will help immune system). Also, alot of people arent feeding 'great' food to their chickens, again, not getting proper vitamins/minerals/nutrition. Besides, I dont think there is one food out there that will supply every vitamin and/or mineral that is vital to good health. So, yes, vitamins from any source, not just poly-vi-sol, are a great idea in fighting a variety of different problems. Poly-vi-sol just happens to be inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to use. And....in my personal experence with it, poly-vi-sol has 'appeared' to help some chicks with bad legs, crooked necks, and just general heath and appearance. I now feed my entire flock Avia Charge 2000 and they have never been healthier and better looking than they are today!! Didnt you ever hear anyone say take vitamin C if you are feeling under the weather? Dont they say take zinc if your not feeling well? If you havent, I recommend talking to a doctor about the importance of taking a multivitamin every day. Vitamins help but are not necessarily a 'cure'. IMO.


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I think you may be misinterpreting the reason that vitamin supplementation is often suggested for sick or injured birds.

A 'search' on the two terms polyvisol and cure, turns up only two posts (aside from this thread). In one, the person is saying that poly-vi-sol *may not* totally cure the problem (it's being recommended as a supportive measure). The other thread is about crookneck in chicks, and the poster says that poly-vi-sol sometimes cures it (which seems to match many peoples' experience, and I cannot see why you should dispute the possibility).

The way vitamin supplementation is usually suggested to be used, on this forum anyhow, is as supportive THERAPY, which does not necessarily equal cure. Backyard chickens often do not eat the most complete ration, and if a bird has been sick it is also quite likely to have been suffering from poor nutrition for a while (sick birds may not eat well and may have different nutritional requirements from healthy birds anyhow). If a vitamin deficiency exists it can MOST CERTAINLY interfere with healing or even cause illness in and of itself. Since supplementation (at the levels and durations that are being discussed here) is harmless if unneeded, it seems like a perfectly reasonable measure to me.

Think of it as being analogous to the use of IV hydration for a patient who's been seriously injured. Obviously that isn't going to *cure* a bullet wound or a broken leg
but it is an accepted and useful part of medical practice because it can alleviate the effect of shock etc, thus putting the patient's body in a better more normal position to deal with the injury (and improves the success of other things that doctors might do to more-literally cure the problem).



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Thank you, Pat. You took the words right out of my mouth.
Keystone, I will never call it a "cure", but poly-vi-sol has certainly helped me in certain situations. I give it to my Buttercup to keep her crook neck at bay, and I've given it in times of sickness just for an extra boost.


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Vitamin A deficiency and vitamin B deficiency occurs quite often and causes no end of health problems that an antibiotic will not cure and simple feed does not address (sick birds eat less exacerbating any minimal deficiency)
POLYVISOL is recommended because it is easy to get and many have it (or equivalent A-B-D childrens liquid vitamin) in house....this human supplement has only the A-B-and D3 which is so very common with many ailments. a vitamin is a vitamin whether it is sold for human/bird/dog/or whatever...only the dosage is different. It has NEVER to my knowledge been touted as a "cure-all" .... illness in birds is usually secondary to nutritional/vitamin deficiency and as such a supplement is always advised as a supportive measure due to the fact that malabsorption of nutrients occurs with any stress or illness. It has no use to treat with medication when you are not going to address the very serious issue of nutritional/vitamin deficiency that occurs with any illness.
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