Polycarbonate roofing-Goof?

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    I've got two dog pens 10x10 by 6' tall put together for a run with a coop inside of it. This summer I put a roof over half of it using polycarbonate material, it's light but durable, I used the same material for my deck roof. This fall I enclosed the sides and open part of the roof with plastic and tarps to keep out the wind and snow/rain. I just came back in from changing the water and putting feed in for my ladies and noticed that I have water dripping off the roof into the pen, not where I have the tarps but where the new ceiling is. So I opened up some of the plastic covering from one of the sides in hopes of eliminating the drips-any other suggestions? There is just a little snow left on the roof, but more coming tonight and tomorrow.
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    I've got the same set-up except with a tin roof. I had one spot that dripped. My girls loved playing in the mudhole that appeared when it rained. But a wet area in the chicken run, even if its small, can be stinky. I found the seam that was leaking and filled it full of bathroom caulk and let it dry. Then I covered it with roofing tar. So I was able to fix the leak with stuff I had sitting around the house. I think th girls miss the mudhole though.
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    The dripping I have is from condensations, not a leak, that I could fix like you did. I just don't know if maybe I have it wrapped too much.
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    If you're absolutely sure that's condensation...and not a leak...... then you need to open it back up to ventilate....leave the top of the walls open 6-12 inches on all but the side that the prevailing winds hit.

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