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7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Hi there :3 Does anyone else like Polymer clay (or any other clay)? Here's the place to post tutorials and such :3 I've been doing clay for about 6 or 7 months. I like to make chickens out of clay, as well as other baked goods and foods. Some of the things I've made:

Derperella Chickens (Derperella, Panic Pants, and Coho)
Miracle the Chicken
Several cakes, cookies, and brownies
Bottle Charms (Rainbow in a bottle, Baseball, Aquarium, Halloween)
Random chickens
Peppermint Candies
And tons of other things. If anyone wants a tutorial on anything, let me know :)

What have you made out of clay?
I've been wanting to start to play around with the polymer clay. Going to try and make some fairies out of it. I have to wait until I can get into town. We're 45 miles from the closest craft store. So we don't go to often. Plan on getting some on Friday.
I've been doing a lot of reaserch on clays because i wamt to do monster casts and sculptures. I follow a few polymer artists on line, I'd love to try some small work in it too. Do you have any photos of your work?
Here are the pictures. Lots of pictures.


Coho (from Deperella)

Panic Pants (From Derperella as well)

My most recent sculpture thingy

(Bad photo of it. LOL she's holding a puppy.)

Polymer clay bakery. Light was horrible.

A few of the shelves

My favorite wedding cake

And pancakes.

A realistic brownie

And I have no clue what this is

I also have a few more pictures. I just don't want to kill any computers with picture overloads.
I started sculpting about 3 years ago now, I love to do trees, bushes and larger flowering plants for dioramas, the scale I use is 1:22 (1inch on the model is 22 inches in life), but recently by word of mouth and photos on Facebook I've been getting a lot of 1:12 dollhouse commissions. It seems not too many people make really big trees, I just started working on the frames to a group of eucalyptus trees that will be about 48 inches tall.

Here are some of my sculptures, the trunks of the smaller trees are polymer clay, usually Sculpy Firm mixed with 1/3rd original, the larger trees are too big to bake so I use a two part epoxy clay. The leaves are made from polymer clay if they're big enough, paper or natural preserved materials for smaller or very detailed leaves like palm fronds.












I also do animals, here are a few of the figures I have done on my dioramas, they are polymer clay, mostly Sculpy Firm with some original mixed in to make it easier to work with.


The bakery made me hungry! Cute lil chickens and the girl statuette!! Nice work Malibu99

The trees are very realistic looking, the red crested woodpecker very nice philter4 !

Makes my attempts look like I'm playing with play dough lol! I have been playing around with landscapes framed and portions of it "3d" , not happy with my attempts so far. It is fun learning something new.

My Sister makes beads, ceiling fan decorative pulls and is making drawer handles for our kitchen. She keeps playing with designs so not sure what she will end up doing for sure.
Thanks, Sarevan :) I'd love to see your clay projects.

Those are gorgeous trees... I love them! Do you sell those?

I haven't gotten to work with clay much due to having a puppy who eats anything and everything... She's finally getting out of that stage and I can resume working with clay. :D
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Yay, fellow polymer clay artists!! I love this thread already!!

Here's some 'samples' of my work.
Most of the time, I make art dolls (they're so addicting to make). The subjects I really stick to are animals and fantasy themes.

Keep on posting!

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