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  1. Check out our new additions, they will help the toulouse in protecting all of our runner duck babies this spring.. :) The Buff's are 3 years old and the Pom's are 6 (only 1 pom in the photo). We will have a new generation of goslings in the spring.

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    very nice looking geese
  3. Thank you.. we raised the toulouse and plan to hatch goslings this spring with all 3 breeds :)
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    Good luck! Pretty geese!
  5. Miss Lydia

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    They are gorgeous. I hope they will do better than mine at protecting, my geese are whimps. lol
  6. We just got three new youngsters yesterday (second strain of saddleback poms) , and two of them are MIGHTY vicious.. swear that we are dealing with snakes! (hissing and biting).

    The one unfortunately has angel wing and mites, so we are treating all of them for mites. Unfortunately since the goose is 7 months old I think the wing will be stuck this way, we are still going to attempt to correct but it is a bit difficult because she is very aggressive in her new surroundings.

    Photos below! (disregard the mud, we've had snow storms in Canada and then it was +14, ground didn't have a chance)

    Adults inspecting the new arrivals:



  7. Miss Lydia

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    Mudville here too. new geese are beautiful, they most likely will settle down once they know your care. as for the angel wing what about trying something like this?
    [​IMG]This really worked to correct this Pekins angel wing.

    Your right though may not be fixable but worth a try.. Keep us updated and Congrts on the new ones.
  8. Thanks for reminding me! I remembered reading that post about the panty house.. problem is with a 7 month old goose is that they have a lot more strength and it takes quite a bit of finessing to get the wing back in place properly. I will see if my wife will let me have some of her panty hose and I will go at the goose this afternoon. Vet wrap in round 1 didn't have a chance :)
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    Miss Lydia Loving this country life

    Oh I know they can get out of anything Houdini's every one of them. Might need queen size for a seven month old. lol mud wrestling with a goose, I'd follow that thread. [​IMG]
  10. The best part is that we have to blindfold her so we dont get our noses snapped off :)

    My wife isnt that big of a lady, I dont know the first thing about pantyhose but I am about to find out LOL!

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