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  1. tell me about pomeranian geese! Apparently that's what I have! what are they like? I looked them up, and saw varying amounts of eggs laid, etc. Are they broody?

  2. Great question, I'd like a little insight too. I have one, she's a few weeks old now... of the 3 I have she's definitely the most bossy, least trusting and downright acts like I'm torturing her if we have to interact. [​IMG] she's cute! LOL.. the other 2 trust me pretty well and are much more mild tempered.
  3. Dang.. I was hoping she was just tempermental from all the traveling she's been doing, and the fact that I only met her yesterday... She's still less aggressive than my Chinese Gander, but she's WAY LOUDER...
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    We have had pomerainians for just over a year now. We raised ours from day old last Feb & 4 of the 6 geese sat this spring. Now we have a total of 12 (we only kept a few of the goslings). Mine are great! Less noisy than chinese/africans - mine aren't aggressive as long as you aren't messing with their young & even then only hiss & mock charge. Biggest issue I have had with them is that they love to lay on & eat the lambs ear that borders our flower beds! Very hardy & trouble free as long as I change out their pool daily! They have a creek but prefer the pool! One of the best breeds that I have ever raised - & I have raised about all of them over the years.

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