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  1. So there is this guy who lives about 4 miles south of me and let me tell ya he is a trash whole scum bag. He keeps his horses in this huge mud pit, throws they're hay on the ground, they don't have any shelter and to top it off his horses are ridden all day everyday on the beach for one of those like u pay ride horse trail things.

    Well the about three days ago I noticed a little pony inside this piece of crap horse trailer just standin there...no food water nothing. Drive by agian yesterday and it's still there. but now it has water (it very well could've ate the food already) Today I go by and now the trailer is parked against a fence with the PONY INSIDE! I want to call and report this but I don't know who to call. We don't have any animal police and anything like that over here in Pacific County, WA... Any suggestions?
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    Call the local Police or sheriff, they can direct you to whoever handles cruelty/abuse. Please do so soon, the poor thing!!!
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    Find the local SPCA, society for prevention of cruelty to animals, or a local humane society. Surely they have somebody like that out there. And please don't wait too long. And bless you for being there and caring.
  4. ANIMAL CONTROL!!! if you call them they have to investigate!!! Had a neighbor who had all her horses taken because she wasn't taking care of them, fined her $500 each to get them back.... Almost every county has animal control dept!! I hope they lock him in the trailer!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Call the police NOW! That baby can't make it much longer in those conditions. Can you imagine how long the days and nights must be for the poor thing? [​IMG] I know that if no one was around my DH and I would break the pony out of the trailer. I'm not encouraging you to do that. I just would not be able to stop myself. Definitely call the police tonight and tell them how long this poor animal has been without food and water, standing in its own excrement. Good luck!
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    That's how I got my thoroughbred, Twiggy. I drove by and saw her tied to a tree. All 17 hands of her, once a regal race horse, starved and tied to a tree with no water, chewing at the bark of the tree for nutrition. There was no one in sight so I untied her and tied her to the tailgate of my truck and started creeping down the road. I had 4 miles to my house but only about a mile before I could give her water and something green. I got to the grocery store and they eagerly gave me a head of lettuce and use of the water hose. Along came a man in a beat up truck and he did a double take at us, turned around and drove up - I stood right there and he said, I think that's my horse. I said, no its not - its mine. I found it. He said you found it on my property. I asked if he would like me to call the police for him since I was stealing his horse. He cursed at me and drove off. She's been with me for 3 years now. She's my gorgeous baby and she looks at me every day as though she just can't believe I am gonna feed her AGAIN! LOL I wouldn't want you to put yourself in harms way, but if you can call the police - do that - and make sure you are there when they arrive. That way you can counter whatever lies the owner tries to tell. He has likely been down this road before and is prepared with a story. Good luck to you - and to that poor pony!
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    Yes! BYC folks rule! And, hello, HP in Magnolia! I'm right down the road! [​IMG]
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    Back on topic, BabyChickFarmer, thank you for having such a big heart and trying to help this poor creature. I wish I were there to help you out RIGHT NOW!
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    I'd make sure it really is being neglected before you make too many allegations,If it is in a trailer maybe his food and water is in the front of the trailer.As far as size goes a tie stall is about the size of a trailer.Many places that offer trail rides use tie stalls to house them when their not being used.
    Anybody that knows horses know they eat bark off trees,not for nutrition,but just because they like to chew.They chew boards too.All our horses did.
    If you ever see horse farms many will fence off single trees just to keep the tree from getting debarked.
    Not trying to spoil the party,I don't like seeing animals abused but hope someone digs in alittle deeper first.
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    Try to get pics to back up the allegations, it will help the authorities if the case goes to court.

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