Poo looks like pressure-fired in milk.

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    One of my girls, and I don't know which, apparently had interesting poo this morning.

    It's normal in color, for the solid part, and yet it looks like it was shot out under pressure, because it's just like toothpaste from the tube if one just squeezed...not blobbed, but perfect tube-shape.

    Now, I'm familiar with cecal poo, so I'm going to first-off state I don't think this is normal cecal-

    - the accompaniment of this poo was a puddle of milk.

    Obviously it wasn't really milk, but it looked EXACTLY as if it was...I just got a new phone, and I shot a great pic with it, but I've yet to figure out how to get blackberry photos from my phone to the world...wait...I'll use bluetooth....some farmer I make...little too geeky.


    Anyone know if this is normal? I have one girl I'm starting to think is sick, with a weird sideways neck tic that disappeared when I tried to video it. It was very pronounced and look like a neck spasm, like she couldn't help but to have her head bob sideways with a gulping motion...and then it was gone after 5 mins or so.

    I'm freaking out a bit because I'm constantly reading the boards and I'm sooooo aware how fragile our friends can be.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    If it was just one or two splorts, as they are called, don't worry. She probably ate a bug or some other "goodie" that just didn't sit well in her tummy and out it came the other end.

    The neck spasm might have just been something stuck that she tried to eat or a bug trying to save it's life in vain.

    Just keep an eye out on them.
  3. Chicken, like other bird have NO BLADDER. the kidneys empty into the digestive waste track. When you get a nice solid poop, you will always get a "white tip" in the poop. This is the waste from the uric acid cylcle. When you see alot of white mostly it means the bird has more kidney waste than fecal waste. This is pretty normal when the bird is drinking alot or even ate something that has a great deal of liquid vs. solid. Do not worry if this is just a few times. If you will note, there is also solid material too.

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